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Our Birth and Our Board

Our Birth
by Justin Holloway, Founder

I am father of two adult children and grandfather "Poppy" of six. This being a "Poppy" thing has melted my fifty-plus year old heart in ways nothing else has. I am proud to say everything you have heard or ever perceived about the typical joy-filled, giddy grandparent is the "cliché' I have become. The lives of these little ones are so very sacred.
No life is without heartache or suffering but, as a believer in a very loving, Sovereign God, I KNOW "He works ALL things for good for those who love Him". (Romans 8:28) Two of my precious grandchildren entered the world in less than ideal situations. One born in 2006 to my son and his wife, spent 4 1/2 months in a neonatal intensive care unit before going home. The other was born in 2008 to my daughter and her husband and spent 4 1/2 months in a neonatal intensive care unit as well.
The first experience was heart-wrenching as I watched not only the suffering of my grandchild but my son and his wife as well. As a Poppy, I was blessed to spend many hours during those months with my precious grandchild alone, singing to him and praying aloud over him. It transcended anything I had ever experienced and was a very hallowed God-breathed time for me albeit, somewhat surreal. The second event a little over two years later changed me forever. I praise God for His ability to use it all to help us see more of who He is. From the moment I saw this precious creation born at 22 1/2 weeks weighing 1 lb 2 oz, I "knew that I knew" God was writing an incredible story. Something stirred in me differently this time for it was as if I was there but also looking down on the whole situation taking it all in a much deeper way. My spirit was alive and much more awakened for I believe the first experience prepared me for this new awareness. Every moment I spent was sacred and holy and life-giving. I sang, I touched his tiny translucent hand very gently, and I prayed aloud over him many times during those months. I noticed everyone around me more this time. I saw more intensely the compassion in the eyes of the nurses, the gentle spirit of the physicians, all the other families there with their little ones who were struggling to survive as well. I was able to get to know some of them. I looked around everywhere for some tangible sign of hope that a little one born at 22 1/2 weeks could even  survive. I honed in on a lone photo on a bulletin board with other thank you cards from parents of former patients. I inquired about this little one looking vibrant and healthy in his Halloween costume. I found he had weighed a little more than my grandson when he was born. Every time I walked into that NICU, I would spend time staring at this hope-giving photo picturing my grandson in this same way if God should will. 

In all my months in NICUS before, I had never seen any materials for parents or family members to read to give them a picture of what could be. I knew from the beginning this time I would do what I could to help offer others some kind of hope in the same way that lone photo helped me. This ministry was born. For months I pondered how and what as I prayed for direction, although I knew I would be writing something to share as a gifts to these organizations. These gifts were to be given as an act of gratitude to God and to the NICU staff for the part they had played as well, and, as a gift to those I knew would endure many sleepless days and nights as their own NICU vigil ensued. Spending nine months in and out of NICUS as a "Poppy" reminded me of how fragile one can become during that time when life, as one has known it, changes completely and radically. Seeing my own children and their spouses hurting while clinging to  faith and hope - standing courageously while watching the suffering of my grandchildren as well further showed  me how every word of hope and comfort is vital through these unbelievable times.  

So, the mission began. I was blessed also to meet many other families whose stories are shared in "In His Hands" whom God dropped in my lap. He always provides what He has purposed. I was grateful for His provision but not surprised for I expected it for I knew the "call" and was sure of it. I also knew and still know my limitations. Just as the little boy with the loaves and fishes in the biblical story where Jesus blessed the resources he had to feed a multitude, it is my prayer, my limited resources will be blessed and once again, God will feed a multitude of precious lives in need of some hope, comfort and reassurance. The humbling part is I know God does not really need me to accomplish this but He has allowed me to be a participant in what only He can do. 

I am forever grateful to be His. I pray Sacred Lives Foundation will touch countless lives as God does His work with our "loaves and fishes." The NICU and PICU ministry I pray is just the beginning of this mission.

The task is bigger than I am, yet GOD IS SO MUCH BIGGER. 
Peace and prayers, 

Justin Holloway

Rev. Rudy Fambrough
 and his wife, Judy, who serve on our steering committee, are a real "2FER"!!!! (two- for- the- price -of -one deal in "Texas Speak"). They have been married 43 years and are the parents of two adult children and grandparents to three precious grandchildren, Micah, Abby, and Hope. Rudy has pastored for over thirty-seven years in various churches. This sweet couple reside in Abilene, TX. Sacred Lives Foundation is blessed to have their sensitive spirits and tender hearts to share in our mission.

Justin Holloway
 is founder of Sacred Lives Foundation. His experiences with two grandsons, who spent a collective total of nine months in neonatal ICU's, led him to heed God's calling to a ministry such as this. Justin is the father of two adult children, grandfather "Poppy" to four, an ordained minister, songwriter and author of two publications printed thus far. He is also a Business Manager for a physician and a former school board president as well. This Corpus Christi, TX, native now resides in the "Big Country" of Abilene, TX.

Stan Soles is a father of two college age daughters. He and his wife, Patti, are active in their local church in Corpus Christi, TX. Stan's experience as a self-employed businessman and as a CPA in not only the public accounting sector but for various drilling companies in the past bring our organization additional fiscal accountability.

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