Sacred Lives Foundation

Life In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

It is a quiet, hallowed place; a place of reverence, awe, and it is all so very sacred. One enters quietly and humbly through guarded doors, hands are washed and disinfected and then one makes way back into the area to see the precious little life lying in the tiny little bed. Most likely one  walks  past rows of many other little beds hearing the soft beeping of various machines and monitors, and the swoosh of  ventilators. Each is greeted by many precious angels called NICU nurses and compassion-filled physicians giving  smiles of reassurance they are doing all they can to help this God-given little baby. It seems such a holy place….so very indescribable. It is a place where life on the outside has begun much earlier than expected. Yet, it is quite apparent; this unit is filled with “life.” Each bed is carefully attended by one or more staff. This is not just a health care facility but a place filled with hope and love and health care workers who have become cheerleaders for each little one. Through every touch, the tiny ones are being rooted for as they struggle to survive coupled with their  possessed resilience second to none. Songs are sung, prayers voiced and comforting words of love are spoken over each little one by those who love them.  Many times the little one's transluscent skin is too fragile to touch. But, God is holding each one all the while. The tiny crib/incubator becomes home for many of these for days and weeks and months. It is common to see the ledges in each segregated area filled with family photos and/or decorations celebrating any specific holiday that is going on in the outside world. This place becomes home for the parents and family members of these little ones for many months at a time. It is a surreal time.  Shocking, hard to comprehend and yet this becomes a new “normal” for many. Minute by minute for four, five, sixth months and sometimes more, these families, healthcare workers and friends pray and hope. Each obstacle overcome is celebrated. Each set back is handled with an awareness of who is ultimately in control. Although there is a painful resignation at times, there also comes a relief in letting go and taking one moment at a time. And, one learns to love and celebrate this little one regardless of the “unknown”. Yes, these corridors are sacred and holy. It is an inexplicable and incomprehensible time. Those who have endured it have a heart that is forever changed. It is blessed time as well. One learns through these difficult times, it is ALL “In His Hands.” Therein comes the peace.