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"In His Hands" is a book written by Justin Holloway detailing the experiences of seven different familes who spent time in neonatal intensive care units. The book includes stories and color photos of each child as they were and as they are today. This publication is distributed to health care organizations and individuals in need as funds allow. These stories provide hope, comfort, and encouragement to families who usually spend an average of months in the NICU's with their little one. Sadly, some of these precious sacred lives do not make it home.
Our short term goal is to provide 1,100 NICU's in the United States with one Deluxe Book and one Classic Book. Estimated cost for this endeavor is $125,000.00. This does not include additional goals of providing these books as gifts to families as well as Ronald McDonald Houses and other places of need. Your help is greatly appreciated. These families benefit much from the sharing of these stories. It seems it is our own life experiences God uses greatly to impact the lives of others who are suffering. The reassurance that they are not alone is vital. And, we as His children are evidence of "God with skin on". He merely allows us to be participants in what He is doing. Thank you for your prayers and consideration.

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Or donations can be mailed to:
Sacred Lives Foundation
TIN # 26-4700755
c/o Justin Holloway
P.O. Box 5762
Abilene, TX 79608

The book is available in two sizes.
1. Deluxe Hard Bound Book with cover
(15"w x 11.5"h)

This book is a coffee table size book and is usually donated to NICU's and PICU's for use in hospital waiting rooms. Retail cost for each book is $77.72 plus shipping.

2. Classic Hard Bound Book with cover (11.25"w x 8.75"h)

These books are helpful as gifts to families and for use in the night lounges in the hospitals where many parents spend their nights. We plan to donate these to Ronald McDonald Houses as well where many family members live during the little ones lengthy stay.
This book retails at $37.72 plus shipping.


"Eden's Song"  CD and embroidered blanket gift sets for  nenonatal ICU gifts, gifts parents of the unborn, those mother's lovingly and unselfishly placing their precious little one for adoption, gifts for new parents and family and friends.