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Alesha's Story  - Do you have one?

It is our hope to continue to share the stories of countless lives in future publications. Perhaps you have a story about your precious little one you would like to have shared in our next printing. We welcome your input. These stories inspire and comfort others who need reassurance and to be reminded, "God has His hand on you and your precious little one". If you feel led to share in our not- for -proft publications, we welcome you. Please email us and we will send you needed release forms and other information. All donations received are used to minister to others through the sharing of each God-breathed story in these publications. It is a double blessing for many to not only have the joy in sharing their stories but to know others may be touched, comforted,  and inspired as well  by reading them.


I am waiting at a local Starbucks with my "Angel":, Emily,  on April 17, 2009 to finally meet this little miracle baby named "Alesha Emily".  I knew who she was immediately as the petite  almost twenty-five year old young woman walked in with a smile bigger than life and a sweetness that exuded from her spirit immediately. She  says, "Hi Momma!" and gives Emily a hug. We hug immediately as well as I marvel at the miracle of this precious registered nurse who has overcome so many odds. Alesha Emily was born at 26 weeks in May  1984 weighing 1 lb 15 oz.  Alesha and her mother, Emily,  were transported via ambulance with the attending physician to Loma Linda Medical Center in Loma Linda, California. Emily describes their time in the NICU as a continual roller coaster ride. I hear this from most all parents, for there is good news and not so good news always floating around as any little one struggles to survive. At four weeks  Alesha had  surgery (PDA - patent ductus arteriosus ) to close an opening between the right and left ventricles of the heart..  Needless to say, Alesha was blessed to be cared for at a "teaching hospital" such as Loma Linda at a time when much was being learned about neonatal care. She also received a g-tube to provide her more nourishment as she went home  July 31, 1984.  A port -A catheter was also placed in her neck to provide her more  nourishment while she was in the hospital . Alesha pointed to  a place on her neck which still houses remnants of the catheter that was left in because it was more risky to have it removed. The area is not visible but can be felt under the skin. What an AWESOME reminder of how far she has come.  Emily and Alesha both give all credit to a miracle- working God for fulfilling His purpose for her life against all human odds. While I was not able to meet her father, I am sure, as a deacon of their church, he  would echo a hearty "AMEN!" As I spent time with Alesha, I saw once again how "sacred" all of life is and cannot imagine a world that was not blessed by her presence.  The remaining pages share other stories. But, NEVER forget, God is writing His story with your little one, too, and each life is so very sacred for as long as it graces this earth and the impact has eternal value. You are loved.